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Kršan can rightfully boast a rich cultural and historical heritage, which in some places dates back to the 11th century.

You will feel both its beauty and diversity whether you start your visit to the municipality from Kršan Castle, where Istrian Demarcation was founded, the Plomin church of St. George the Old, which hides the oldest known Glagolitic inscription - the Plomin Tablet, from the western massifs of Učka and Kožljak castle, the Romanesque St. Quirinus church and the 15th century frescoes with details depicting the dedication of the famous painter Albert, the village of Čepić and the lake of the same name that dried up and became arable field or from the youngest settlement in Istria - Potpićan. In the territory of the municipality of Kršan, the remnants of a Glagolitic and sacral heritage and old crafts are interwoven with a modern tourist offer and a variety of gastronomic delights, and if you look a little closer and listen to the beauty of the nature of this area, you will surely see, and maybe even hear the gentle bell of the endemic plant species of Istria bellflower.


The Municipality of Kršan Tourist Board is a legal entity whose members are legal and natural persons in catering and tourism activities and directly related activities from the area of the Municipality of Kršan.


The vision of the tourism development of the Municipality of Kršan


The development of tourism in the municipality of Kršan is based on the differentiation of the tourist offer made possible by a rich natural and cultural heritage, a preserved environment, unique landscapes, clear sea and the hardworking people of the Kršan area. Thanks to the sustainable use of available resources and the joint work of the Municipality, the Municipality of Kršan Tourist Board, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, farmers, renters and residents, Kršan will be recognized as an attractive and desirable destination for holidays and experiences by 2025.


Bodies of the Municipality of Kršan Tourist Board: Assembly, Tourist Council and President.
President: Roman Carić
Tourist Office Director: Ariana Brnetić

Address: Vozilići 66, Plomin
Phone: +385 52 880 155
Fax: +385 52 880 155
e-mail: info@istria-krsan.com
OIB (VAT ID): 43713420788
IBAN: HR7824070001148043410

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