Plomin revived the cultural heritage through a virtual tour in augmented reality (AR) and in other l

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Since February 3, 2022, the Tourist Board of the Kršan municipality, in cooperation with the Equinox Vision company, has enabled visitors to Plomin to immerse themselves in the world of history, legends and local stories with the help of a virtual guide. This year, the Tourist Board of the municipality of Kršan can boast that, with the co-financing of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County, it has enabled the use of the application in other languages. Via the free Equinox XR application on Android and iPhone phones, visitors to Plomin can scan the QR code with their smartphone and go back into the history of this beautiful place and participate in a virtual tourist tour of the old town center of Plomin.

The virtual character of Baroness Tonneti guides visitors through Plomin in order to revive the streets and ruins and bring visitors closer to the rich cultural heritage. The stories told during the virtual walk deftly and fluidly connect important historical events with the way of life and customs of that time. The content is available in the Croatian language with parts of the Chakavian dialect, typical of Labin and Plomin, and the Veneto dialect of the Italians, which was once spoken.

Starting this year, thanks to the co-financed funds of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County, visitors have the opportunity to listen and learn about Plomin in English, German and Italian. Application users can share their personal experience of this wonderful virtual tourist tour in a video or picture on social networks. In addition to the interesting things, you can find out here, you can see for yourself how rich, valuable and diverse this unique area is. Among other things, is there a better way to soak up a little history in one of these old town spots?